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Purchasing policies keyboard_arrow_down

  1. Buy at stores
    • Tierra Diamond stores are open from Monday to Saturday (except for New Year holidays, according to government regulations or exceptional cases that we will notify in advance on the website homepage and the official Facebook fan page of Tierra Diamond) with working hours 8.30 a.m - 8.30 p.m.
    • With the 1-on-1 consultation model, which promotes privacy and comfort, we encourage customers to book an appointment in advance and take a call 30 minutes before coming to the store to receive a thoughtful welcome.
    • When purchasing items available in the store, you must pay 100% before we make the required adjustments, e.g., changing ring size or setting stones. If these minor adjustments can be made in less than 60 minutes, we'll prioritize them so you can receive your order immediately. In other cases, which take more time, you will be scheduled to receive the goods the next day.
  2. Shopping online
    • You can order Tierra Diamond products online through the Tierra Diamond website or Facebook.
    • During the working time from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, Tierra staff will ensure to respond to your requests in at most 30 minutes from the time of receipt.
    • To get an accurate quote & a satisfactory product, customers need to provide the correct ni/size. Tierra Diamond staff will guide you on how to measure yourself or assist in transferring measuring tools to you in case of need (for customers who have made a deposit).
    • In all cases, we only deliver when we have received 100% of the order value.
  3. Custom design order policies
    • When placing an order, customers will pay a deposit equivalent to 20% of the product value and the remaining 80% on receiving the goods.
    • Your order will be quoted based on an estimate of product specifications. After making the 3D design, and accurate calculation, we will have the notice to adjust the price according to actual parameters.
    • Prices are quoted for each product. Tierra is not responsible for separating the product price into components such as gold, diamonds, manufacturing, or design.
    • Tierra Diamond will support making product samples and sending 3D images to customers for design approval before production. Customers are allowed to change the design up to two times. After the customer's consent, we will proceed with craftsmanship. From then on, the customer will pay the costs incurred (if any) if they want to change the design or parameters compared to the approved file.
    • The standard time from order to delivery is 20 days. The time may change depending on the design's complexity and the GIA diamond's order time. Tierra Diamond staff will notify you about the changes in delivery time compared to standard time.
    • If there is a change in design after the design approval, the delivery time may be at the standard time but at most 10 days from the date of the last design approval.
    • If customers need to order custom designs in an urgent time of fewer than 20 days, don't hesitate to contact Tierra Diamond's staff for support. We will check and provide the best customer support we can. However, Tierra Diamond may refuse in case the asset is impossible, or the customer may pay some additional costs (if any).
  4. Delivery policies
    • Due to the characteristics of high-value goods, Tierra does not support cash on delivery (COD). Tierra only delivers when payment confirmation for 100% of product value is completed.
    • We encourage customers to receive goods directly at the store to have the best conditions to check and make corrections quickly when necessary.
    • In case of customer requests, we support free delivery by Grab Service within a radius of 10km in Ho Chi Minh City and delivery by courier service for customers in other provinces. However, as advised on safety, Tierra Diamond will not bear any responsibility if damage or loss occurs due to the delivery process.
    • Tierra Diamond will conduct checks such as “Regulations on inspection and receipt of goods” and record a video and send them to customers if required. If shipping goods conduct through delivery or door-to-door services, Tierra will not support checking the product at home or elsewhere.
  5. Regulations on inspection and receipt of goods
    • When receiving goods, we encourage customers to check and confirm the following factors carefully:
      1. Diamond test
        • Test with a diamond tester
        • Compare the GIA Number on the paper and the edge on the Diamond with an edge scanner.
        • Check the diamond quality with the magnifying glass (if the customer has requested it)
      2. Jewelry check
        • Check your wrist/jewelry size to ensure it fits and is comfortable.
        • Check the Tierra mark engraved on the product, including the words "TIERRA," "LOGO," and "GOLD PERCENTAGE."
        • Visually check the external finishing elements (smooth surface, no scratches or craftsmanship errors; correct color; symmetry, details aesthetics, engraved text).
        • Test a plate diamond with a diamond tester
        • Check the status of the jewelry's head and prongs:
          • The Diamond is set correctly; the table surface of the Diamond must be straight, not tilted.
          • The prongs are tight, and the Diamond does not wobbly or move
          • The grooves of the prongs are deep enough for the Diamond to stay stable and firmly in place
          • Prongs and spokes are not broken or deformed under regular hand force testing
        • Checking relative documents
          • Check the guarantee paper of Tierra Diamond to ensure an accurate information, including pictures of actual product parameters, full name, phone number, and Tierra Diamond stamp on the guarantee paper.
          • GIA Certificate – with the number matching the edge code of the Diamond. GIA paper must be laminated, with no signs of erasing
    • After thoroughly checking the above factors, the customer makes the payment. The customer confirms that they have received the correct product by paying Tierra Diamond.
    • After receiving the goods, Tierra Diamond will support and handle all questions and requests related to customers' products following the Warranty & Exchange Policies.

Payment policies keyboard_arrow_down

Tierra accepts various forms of payment including cash, bank transfer, cards, QR code, and installment payment via credit card.

  1. Cash payment
    • According to state regulations, we only accept payment in Vietnamese Dong.
    • We reserve the right to refuse to accept money if there is any suspicion that any bill is not intact, shows signs of being counterfeit, or has an unclear origin.
  2. Bank transfer payment
    • The payment will only be successful when the bank confirms that Tierra Diamond's account has received the money.
    • Customers are responsible for any fees related to transferring money through the bank.
  3. Payment by Card
    • We accept credit cards bearing VISA, MASTER, JCB/CUP, or domestic ATM/Napas cards.
    • We reserve the right to request customers to provide additional information, such as their full name, ID/passport number, address, and phone number, for cross-checking and authentication if necessary.
    • For customers who are foreign nationals, presenting a passport and verifying the identity of the cardholder is mandatory. Suppose the credit card is issued outside Vietnam. In that case, we will require a copy of your ticket for cross-checking with the bank in case of any issues related to international transactions (see more about our Privacy Policy in section VIII).
    • We reserve the right to refuse payment with bank cards or credit cards if the customer is not the cardholder or in any case of suspected fraud or deception.
    • For jewelry cases, Tierra will support the card fee for customers. For GIA-certified diamond owners, customers will bear a 2% payment fee based on the payment value, according to the policies of banks and payment service providers.
  4. Payment via Credit Card
    • Tierra provides customers with various installation options via VISA/MASTER/JCB credit cards in collaboration with our payment partner, Vi Micro Technology Joint Stock Company (mPOS.vn).
    • Details on fees, interest rates, and installment procedures will be advised by Tierra staff based on mPOS—VN's policy.

Note: Card, QR code, and Installment payment methods are processed through our payment partner (currently mPOS.vn). Therefore, payment policies and fees may vary depending on the policy of our payment partner.

Return & exchange policies keyboard_arrow_down

The products of Tierra Diamond are divided into 5 groups:

  • Group 1: Natural Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds with GIA certification
  • Group 2: Natural Fancy Shape and Fancy Color Diamonds with GIA certification
  • Group 3: Natural Diamond Jewelry in 14K and 18K gold
  • Group 4: CZ Stone Jewelry in 14K and 18K gold
  • Group 5: 
    • Custom-made Natural Diamond and CZ Stone Jewelry in 14K and 18K gold
    • Custom-made Natural Diamond Jewelry in Platinum900 and Platinum900 Jewelry on request
    • Custom-made CZ Stone Jewelry in Platinum900 and Platinum900 Jewelry on request

With the following policy, Tierra commits to lifetime exchange for their Natural Diamond and Jewelry products:

Product typeReturnExchange for a higher value
Under 1 year1 year to 3 yearsOver 3 yearsUnder 1 year1 year to 3 yearsOver 3 years
Group 1
Diamond size above 8.0 mm92%95%
Diamond size from 6.0 mm to 7.9 mm90%95%97%92%97%100%
Diamond size from 4.1mm to 5.9 mm92%95%100%95%97%100%
Diamond size under 4.0 mm90%95%97%92%97%100%
Group 285%90%92%85%92%95%
Group 375%85%
Group 470%80%
Group 565%75%
Exchange for a lower valueFor the value of new products: the "Exchange for higher value" policy applies.
For the price difference between new and old products: the "Return" policy applies.


  • The exchange value is calculated as the product price at purchase minus any applied promotion values. Tierra Diamond will record the specific exchange value on the Guarantee Certificate.
  • In some cases (for example, if the customer requests a non-refundable purchase at a special price), Tierra will not commit to exchange, which will be clearly stated on the Guarantee Certificate. For these orders, Tierra only supports customers in consignment and resale if they have a need.
  • Exchange & Return Policy:
    • The above exchange policy applies from May 10, 2022. For orders before this date, the exchange policy will be used according to the commitment stated on the Guarantee Certificate at the time of purchase. 
    • When you want to exchange or return a product, please get in touch with Tierra Diamond via hotline or Facebook to receive advice and schedule an appointment.
    • Exchange can only be processed directly at Tierra Diamond's office including Ho Chi Minh Branch: 3rd Floor, 168 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City; Dong Nai branch: 1080 Pham Van Thuan, Tan Mai Ward, Bien Hoa City; Hanoi branch: 5 Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
    • When visiting the office, customers should bring the product with all necessary documents, including the Guarantee Certificate, GIA Certificate (if applicable), and personal documents (ID card or passport).
    • Tierra Diamond's office will only process exchange requests in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. We will receive and resolve requests outside of these hours on the next business day.

Tierra only accepts product exchanges if customers still hold all necessary documents, including Guarantee Certificate and GIA Certification (for diamond owners) and the product is intact, undamaged, not scratched, deformed, or broken.

  • In the case of jewelry missing the Guarantee Certificate, Tierra will support cross-referencing with stored data. If we confirm the order information, we will keep the exchange according to the policy.
  • If diamond owners lose GIA certification, we reserve the right to refuse business or only exchange at a mutually agreed price between the two parties.
  • Tierra will refuse to exchange for cracked, scratched, or damaged diamonds or diamonds that show signs of impact from temperature, pressure, or chemicals that may affect the quality of the diamond.
  • For cracked or broken jewelry, we only support exchange based on the actual gold value after weighing the product. Tierra reserves the right to refuse a business if the jewelry or diamond has been altered or structural changes have been made (including resizing, plating, and polishing) by a unit not belonging to Tierra Diamond.
  • We may refuse to exchange if the requester differs from the buyer and the product shows signs of fraud or illegal activities.

The exchange product will be paid in cash or by bank transfer, depending on Tierra Diamond's decision. The payment will be made and completed within a maximum of 36 hours from the time all checks are completed, and the exchange is approved.

The exchange process may be temporarily suspended in force majeure, such as during war, terrorism, epidemic, natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, or when the government declares a state of emergency, martial law, or curfew.

Guarantee policies keyboard_arrow_down

Tierra applies a lifetime warranty policy for Tierra Diamond jewelry products with the following procedure:

Ring Resizing
(except for special design models that are non-resizable)
RProduct Washing, CleaningX
Polishing, Plating, RefurbishingX
Gemstones Pave Under 2mm X
Gemstones Pave Over 2mmX
Product Denting, Scratching, and Minor Damage Due to ImpactX
Product Breakage, Cracking Due to External Force, Deformation Due to Temperature, Corrosion Due to Chemicals. X
Center Stone DroppingX

Tierra encourages customers to visit Tierra Diamond's office for warranty claims and to have products checked every 6 months to ensure they remain in optimum condition and to minimize the risk of significant damage or the center stone dropping.

Customers must bring a Warranty Certificate when contacting us for product inspection and warranty service.

For warranty items that can be completed within 30 minutes, we will prioritize the processing for immediate customer pick-up. For items requiring more time, Tierra will schedule a date for product return. Generally, the product warranty period is 3 working days at maximum, except during peak seasons or holidays.

Note: When receiving the warranted product, we encourage customers to inspect the product according to the “ Regulations on inspection and receipt of goods” specified in Section 5 of the “Purchasing Policy.”

Tierra reserves the right to reject warranty claims for products that show signs of tampering, impact, or modification by entities other than Tierra Diamond.

Information security policies keyboard_arrow_down

We highly value protecting consumers' personal information and building trust with our customers. Therefore, we will use your name and other relevant details following this policy.

We only collect necessary information related to purchase transactions.

  • Consumers or Customers must provide complete information according to the available form on the Tierra. vn Website, or Guarantee Certificate, including Full Name, address (residential or office), email address (company or personal), phone number (mobile, home or office), credit card details (credit card type, card number, CVC code, expiration date, cardholder's name), and a copy of ID card/Passport as necessary. This information is required to complete the order and record it on the Guarantee Certificate and for future order inquiries, returns, exchanges, and warranty purposes.
  • About Cookies and Web Beacons: Cookies are temporary or permanent data folders stored on the hard drive of the Customer's computer. Cookies are used to verify, track visits (maintain status) and maintain specific information about the use and users of the www.Tierra.vn Website, such as options for the Website or information about their electronic shopping cart. These cookie folders may also be placed on the Customer's computer by advertising service providers who have signed contracts with Tierra for the abovementioned purposes. The data collected by these cookies is entirely anonymous. If the Customer disagrees, they can delete all cookies stored on their computer by searching for folders with the word "cookie" in their name and deleting them. In the future, the Customer can modify the settings in their browser to block (future) cookies; please note that by doing so, the Customer may not be able to use all the features of the Tierra fully.vn Website. For more information about the use and refusal of cookies, please visit the website www.allaboutcookies.org.
  • Web Beacons: These are small strands of software code that represent requests for graphical images on a web page or email. They may or may not have visible graphical images associated with them, and typically the photos are designed to blend into the background of the web page or email. Web beacons can be used to report website traffic, the number of visitors, advertising tracking and reporting, and personalization. The web beacons used by Tierra are only used to collect anonymous data.
  1. Purpose of collecting user information

    To provide services to customers, manage, and use Consumers' personal information to manage the Consumer database and promptly handle unexpected situations (if any).

  2. Scope of Personal Information Usage

    Tierra. vn Website & Tierra Diamond uses the information provided by Consumers to:

    • Provide services to Consumers
    • Send notifications about information exchange activities between Consumers and Tierra>
    • Prevent activities that may harm, hijack or impersonate Consumers' user accounts
    • Communicate and resolve complaints with Consumers
    • Confirm and exchange information about Consumers' transactions at Tierra
    • In case of requests from competent state management agencies.
  3. Duration of personal information storage

    There is no time limit, except when the Consumer requests cancellation to the Administration Board or the Company is dissolved or bankrupt.

  4. Parties or organizations that may access users' personal information

    The Consumer agrees that, when necessary, the following agencies/organizations/individuals have the right to access and collect their personal information:

    • Administration Board
    • Third parties have integrated services with Tierra.vn Website.
    • Event organizing company and sponsors
    • Competent authorities, when required, follow the regulations in the operating rules.
    • Market research company
    • Financial, legal advisors, and auditing companies
    • Complainants who prove the Consumer's violation behavior
    • As requested by competent authorities.
  5. Commitment to the security of Consumer's Personal Information

    The Consumer's personal information at Tierra Diamond is committed to absolute security according to the privacy policy for personal information posted on the Tierra. vn Website. The collection and use of each Consumer's information will only be done with the Consumer's agreement, except in cases where other legal regulations provide otherwise.

    Personal information of the Consumer will not be used, transferred, provided or disclosed to third parties without the Consumer's agreement, except for cases specified in this regulation or legal regulations.

    Suppose the server storing the information is hacked, resulting in the loss of the Consumer's data. In that case, the Administration Board is responsible for promptly notifying and working with competent authorities to investigate and handle the case and informing the Consumer about the incident.

    Absolute security for all online transaction information of the Consumer, including digitalized invoices and accounting documents, is ensured by Tierra Diamond, which is stored in the Level 1 secure data center area.

  6. Mechanism for receiving and addressing complaints about violations of Personal Information Protection

    Suppose the Consumer discovers that their personal information is being used for incorrect purposes or beyond the scope of authorization. In that case, the Consumer can send a complaint via email to [email protected] to report and provide relevant evidence to the Administration Board. The Administration Board commits to responding promptly or by 24 (twenty-four) hours after receiving the complaint.

Instructions for product usage

Natural Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry are Precious Assets. Therefore, you must handle them with care and gentleness.

  • For Diamonds:
    • Although Natural Diamonds are the most challenging material among all gemstones, they can still be scratched or cracked during use, especially when they come into contact with other diamonds.
    • Do not wear diamond products with high prong settings close to each other, as the diamonds can rub against each other and cause scratches.
    • In particular, for diamonds with high purity such as FL (Flawless - no internal or external flaws) and IF (Internal Flawless - no internal faults and only minimal external defects), you must be extremely careful in usage and storage, as even a single scratch can decrease the grade and value of the diamond, affecting future buying and selling transactions.
    • Always store and keep the GIA certificate safe, away from water, tearing, crumpling, and dust.
  • For Jewelry Care:
    • Regularly clean jewelry with warm water, a soft cloth, or a soft-bristled brush. For stubborn stains, soak the jewelry in water for 3-4 minutes before rinsing under running water.
    • Gently remove the jewelry before contacting chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics, body wash, hair dye, dish soap, floor cleaner, chlorine (pool disinfectant), etc. Especially avoid wearing jewelry while bathing or spraying perfume.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure of jewelry to sunlight and high temperatures, as these unfriendly factors can affect the jewelry's color, brightness, and shine.
    • Carefully store each piece of jewelry in separate compartments lined with soft fabric to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing scratches.
    • Do not wear jewelry during vigorous exercise (gym workouts, sports) or heavy work (house cleaning, gardening, etc.), as sweat and dirt can accumulate, making the jewelry dull and discolored. Also, for jewelry with large gemstones or high prongs, avoid substantial impacts, getting caught in clothing, etc., which may result in losing stones.
    • Every 4-6 months, remember to clean with the specialized solution that Tierra always provides you when you purchase to help your jewelry shine like new. And remember, Tierra is always ready to help you with a complimentary Lifetime Warranty, cleaning, and refurbishing services.
    • We recommend that you visit Tierra Diamond for regular product inspection and warranty every 6 months, especially for prongs, to ensure that your ring is always in its best condition and minimize the risk of lost stones or severe damage.

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