Tierra Story

Tierra crafts pieces of jewelry with passion and care to inspire & empower young Vietnamese to share their emotion & happiness.

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Tierra product lines

“Our craftsmanship


and so will you.”

Founded in 2016, Tierra Diamond aims to provide ideal jewelry choices. Understanding that young people always seek high aesthetic tastes, look for new inspirations, and desire to create their own unique pieces of jewelry, we pursue a "Bespoke" design and crafting model along with differentiated services to make shopping a joyful and unique experience.

Each of our designs embodies the story of passion carried by the dedication of a goldsmith, precision in craftsmanship, exquisite selection of diamonds & gemstones; all of which create comfort, emotion, and a confident, luxurious demeanor for the owner. This is how we enhance the beauty and love of modern young people with more freshness, color, and vibrancy.

Tierra’s Journey

Accompanying thousands of young couples on their happiness journey every year.


The magical products

Whether viewed from a vertical, frontal or horizontal angle, or from the perspective of the person facing it, Tierra's ring always shines brilliantly. Thanks to the meticulous crafting process and understanding of the unique characteristics of each diamond, which creates harmony in every detail of the design.

Tierra’s offering values

Elegance and sophistication

Tierra emphasizes precision in specifications and harmony in proportions to create beautiful designs from every angle with perfect elegance for sophisticated young individuals.

Passion & care craftsmanship

Tierra not only creates attractive designs, but also pays attention to the smallest details to ensure that each ring meets the "Bespoke" standard and provides the utmost comfort for the wearer.

Best material selection

The key to creating high-quality, beautiful, and long-lasting designs is the meticulous selection of raw materials, ensuring that your jewelry always retains its sparkle, consistency, and radiance.

Fulfillment services

Behind every valuable piece of jewelry is a competitive, convenient, and reassuring after-sales service including our warranty, return & exchange policies, and free shipping, all designed to meet those needs.

Thorough companionship

Respecting privacy, creating a comfortable space, being ready to listen and finding optimal solutions for all your needs.

4Cs of Diamond Quality

Not only based on the 4Cs parameters and GIA certification does obtain a perfect diamond, evaluation is but also on advanced inspection of other factors and characteristics. We call this the TIERRA CHOICE standard, which aims for extraordinary quality and value.

Shopping experience

Experience the comfortable, private and unique space at our store. Our dedicated & professional specialists will accompany you and provide a serene and entirely carefree shopping experience.

Working hours

8:30 AM - 8:30 PM (including Sundays)


1900 232 354 - 0938 256 545

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